Build Your Video Platform

Easy to use APIs and integration tools for premium video.

Developer Control

Clean APIs that make integrating premium video into your site a breeze. You get total control of your brand and site, with VHX completely behind the scenes.

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var vhx = require("vhx")(
  "oxEU89zLkRTED2P_sKbYRCJSbT4BVjZm" // your API KEY

// create a vhx customer
   name: 'Customer Name',
   email: '',
   product: ''
}, function(customer) {
  // callback (add to your DB)

// authorize access to video
   customer: '',
   video: ''
}, function(authorization) {
   // callback (returns embed player with access token)

A Full Stack Solution

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Start small and grow your business with VHX without breaking the bank. Learn more about our pricing for uploading videos, API access, and other services here.

Video Management

Upload and manage your videos via the VHX Dashboard. Videos are automatically transcoded into the appropriate formats for cross platform delivery.


Control which customers have access to your content with our Authorizations API. Setup products where authorized customers can access content directly, for a period of time (rentals), or on a recurring basis (subscriptions).

Metadata & Tagging

Organize videos by series/season/episode, into bundles, or as generic playlists for your own curated experiences. Organize via the VHX Dashboard or entirely with our Collections API.

Scale and Grow

You can get started without any code using our self-serve publisher platform. As you grow, and you require more control over your user experience, we're there with you — use our API for building a completely custom experience.

Branded Apps

Need a custom branded app on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, or Android? With our App Service you can distribute your own Custom-Branded Apps with a click of a button. Want more control? You can use our API to roll your own.

HTML5 Player

Embed trailers or videos behind a paywall using the VHX API coupled with our Player Embed. A customizable HTML5 player bulletproof-tested across browsers and devices.

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Your HTML5 Player

A Video Player Like No Other.

Customer & Video Analytics

Comprehensive analytics for all your customers video activity. Know when and how much their watching and a history of their activity. All analytics are accessible via the VHX dashboard or the VHX API (coming soon).

Fast and Flexible Delivery

DRM or DRM free. Downloads or steaming only. It's up to you. Fast video delivery with adaptive streaming from anywhere in the world.

Robust Player API

Need to Integrate your own callbacks before or after video playback? Need to hook into player events for custom experiences? No problem. With our Javascript Player API, you can build anything you want.

Easy Integration

Looking for ways to integrate your existing site with VHX? Check out our integration docs for various tools and embeds.

Read the Integration Docs
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Developer Support

Our developers are here to help with any implementation questions you might have. Get in touch with us via email at